The Power of Discovery

Intelligenx is a next generation industrial grade search and analytics company that enables organizations to get the most value out of their information assets. Websites around the world use Intelligenx products to service billions of search and data queries quickly and without the hassle of clunky IT infrastructure. 

Intelligenx solutions enable organizations to maximize the social, economic and intelligence value of their information assets by providing a web-based search and navigation solution. Our solutions can aggregate data from multiple structured or unstructured repositories providing a highly effective, interactive search experience for end-users.






Intelligenx Discovery Engine™ was developed to address a growing problem with modern information retrieval systems -- an inability to deal with information overload. Our solution, based on performance breakthroughs, introduces new paradigms in the fields of searching and browsing large text-rich databases




Insight Analytics™ is a specialized analysis and reporting tool that harvests value out of complicated and cumbersome search logs, where the detail activities of users are recorded. Log files contain a wealth of marketing information, including the terms and phrases that are being searched, the geographic location from which queries are made, and possibly even more profile information about the users.


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