About US

i411 is a local search engine for consumers. The company maintains and publishes high-quality, detailed information about millions of local businesses in the U.S. While similar content is widely available online, i411 offers a unique proposition for users, the ability to DISCOVER the right local restaurant, shop, or service provider.

For example, consumers can use a mobile device to access i411 and discover what’s nearby. i411 ascertains the location of the device and instantly makes the user aware of all the local businesses around their location. Users are informed about what’s nearby and can search and browse to find a local business that has what they are looking for.

Local businesses can improve their ability to be discovered (for free) based on the products and services they offer. i411 earns revenue from programmatic advertising displayed on the website. The company also provides advanced directory infrastructure for professional organizations and trade associations. For more information, please contact